Death by Starvation

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Armenian boy

an Armenian boy who has starved to death

Most of those who did not die of disease died of starvation. It was a new kind of genocide, the planned extermination of a people through natural causes. The government did not provide for food or water on their long march.

"When the measures to transport the entire population into the desert were adopted, no appropriations were made for any kind of nourishment. On the contrary, it is obvious that the government pursued a plan to let the people die of starvation. Even an organized mass-killing such as during the times when liberty, equality, and fraternity had not yet been proclaimed in Constantinople, would have been a much more human measure, since it would have saved these miserable people from the horrors of hunger and the slow death and the excruciating pains of tortures so fiendish that the most cruel of the Mongols could not have imagined them. But a massacre is less constitutional than death by starvation. Civilization is saved!" German missionary eyewitness Johannes Lespius


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