A Question of Race

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experimentation on Romani

experimentation on Romani

Until late 1937 the Nazis were inconsistent in their treatment of the Romani. They sometimes treated them as a "criminal" anti-social class and sometimes as an inferior racial minority. Then in  a decree of December 1937 they were declared to be  "inveterate criminals". In 1938 SS Chief Heinrich Himmler concluded in his Circular of December 8, that "the proper method of attacking the Gypsy problem seems to be to treat it as a matter of race." 

Even so, there is evidence that suggests that the Nazis had not quite decided on the final solution to the "Gypsy Plague" as late as December 1942. The Auschwitz Decree in December decided the fate of the Romani. This decree led to their transfer to and eventual murder at Birkenau.


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