The Treaty of Versailles

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the 'Big Four" come to Versailles in 1919 to negotiate the treaty
Lloyd George of Britain, Orlando of Italy,
Clemenceau of France, and Wilson of the U.S.

The treaty satisfied France's desire for revenge, Britain's desire for more colonies, and the United States' desire for a League of Nations. Italy, though unhappy with the treaty acquired more territory. The treaty imposed harsh and humiliating penalties on Germany including French occupation of the important Rhur Valley, minimal armed forces, and huge reparations (monetary penalties). The United States Congress failed to join the League, which greatly reduced its effectiveness. The traty mandated a continuation of the colony system, though the United States had pushed for self-determination. The crippling provisions against Germany laid the groundwork for World War II.

Treaty of Versailles

Articles 1-26 The Covenant of the League of Nations
Articles 27-30 Boundaries of Germany
Articles 31-117 Political Clauses for Europe
Articles 118-158 German Rights and Interests Outside Germany
Articles 159-213 Military, Naval and Air Clauses
Articles 214-226 Prisoners of War and Graves
Articles 227-230 Penalties
Articles 231-247 Reparations
Articles 248-263 Financial Clauses
Articles 264-312 Economic Clauses
Articles 313-320 Aerial Navigation
Articles 321-386 Ports, Waterways and Railways
Articles 387-399 Labour
Articles 400-427 Procedure
Articles 428-433 Guarantees
Articles 434-440 Miscellaneous Provisions

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